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Greetings! So, you know how I said in my last blog post I’d be in Oregon through the fall? That was in reference to last fall! I’m still here, a whole year later, with no plans of leaving anytime soon.

I took a break from photography this last year. I had no interest in jumping into a new community and advertising photo services. It wasn’t the right time. In pursuit of selling more art however, I built a new website – – just for my fine art photography. I bought a fancy printer and started producing notecards and art prints which I sell in a few shops around town and at John Day farmers market. At this point, I’m also happy to start scheduling family photo sessions, weddings and more!

This engagement shoot with Erin and Rob was excellent! I like for even my posed work to have a candid, artistic feel. If you’re into getting outside and want natural, fun photos, then I’m definitely up for making your wedding, family, senior, or engagement shoot a light-hearted and memorable experience.

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