A Summer in Oregon

Ashley Stevick PhotographyArt, John Day, Oregon

Hello all! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Not quite two weeks ago I loaded up my car with some clothes and my dog and drove to John Day, Oregon. I’ll be here through the fall exploring with my camera in hand. It’s been quite an adventure so far, and I can’t wait for more!

Meredith + Jason

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I’m finally getting around to sharing some images from Meredith and Jason’s September wedding at Beall Park in Bozeman! Here’s what Jason had to say when he first saw them:

Okay, so I am trying to compose myself as I type this, tears streaming down my cheeks smiling like a fool. Ashley Stevick is our best friend, she introduced Meredith and myself, and has been with us everyday since. She is also one of the finest artists out there; we had the honor of her photographing our wedding. The pictures in this album instantly transported me back to that day – I mean really got me back there. That is the thing that truly separates Ashley from any other photographer I have seen; she captures real moments, not staged or fake, but true moments and true people. Please PLEASE give these a look and send Ashley some love….I am in her debt….kinda forever….for these moments, and for my wife….I love you Ashley! Thank you.

Back in Montana!

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Hey everybody! Just a quick note to confirm I am 100% back in Montana. Not 95%. 100%.

I arrived three weeks ago after an eventful cross country uhaul adventure. I left on Monday, locked the keys in the truck Tuesday in Arkansas, discovered my little Georgia dog had fleas on Wednesday in Missouri and slowly slid off the slick Wyoming interstate on Friday. I saw some amazing friends along the way and got to visit with my niece. It was seriously such an amazing experience with a strong emphasis on solo problem solving! I’m happy to report Miles has adjusted well to the Montana chill and is now flea free. So glad to be home. <3

Life as art

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“I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art.”
— Helena Bonham Carter

Home to Montana

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Hello friends new and old! I have some bittersweet news to share. I’ve decided after much contemplation to return home to Montana. I’ve enjoyed my time in Georgia – I really truly have – and it’s heartbreaking to leave. However, this venture has opened my eyes to so much. Most prominent and simple is my need to be in Montana. So I’m coming home. To my friends, my community, my tribe. The mountains. A winter with snow and ice and socks and mittens.

Additionally, I have a few specials. If you purchase a metal wall hanging or canvas print before November 15th type in coupon code COMINGHOME at checkout and receive 15% off. I’m also offering $100 off my basic photo session package through the end of the year. That doesn’t mean we have to actually do the shoot before the end of the year; we can schedule it for as late as next summer.

So there you have it. Much love and can’t wait to see you all again!!

Holiday mini-sessions in Macon

Ashley Stevick PhotographyFamily, Georgia, Macon

I’m offering holiday mini-sessions Saturday, November 7th! For $225 you’ll get a fifteen minute photo shoot, a private online gallery, 3 digital images of your choice and a $30 credit towards your holiday card order.
Upgrade to a full shoot and save $100 off my regular price. You’ll receive ten digital images as well as a 12×18 metal wall hanging for $475.
Contact me here or email ashley@ashleystevickphotography.com to book now.
ASP family GA

Art from Montana to Macon

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Here’s a sampling of my art; many from Montana and a few from my adventures here in Macon, Georgia. Check out my art gallery for more landscapes and abstract nature shots.

Rory & Bennett

Ashley Stevick PhotographyBlog, Bozeman, Family, Montana

My trip back to Bozeman was so lovely! An art show, a wedding and a late afternoon shoot with these two little rascals! Here’s a few of my favorites.

Altitude Gallery for September Art Walk

Ashley Stevick PhotographyArt, Art Show, Blog, Bozeman, Montana

I’ll be back in Montana shortly as I have the honor of being Altitude Gallery’s featured artist for Downtown Bozeman’s September art walk! I’m so excited for this opportunity! Altitude is such a contemporary and hip gallery. Yes, I wrote ‘hip.’ Because I grew up in the 90’s. Please mark your calendars for September 11th and stop by!



Katie & Andy at the Rainbow Ranch

Ashley Stevick PhotographyBig Sky, Blog, Bozeman, Montana, Wedding

I had the supreme pleasure of photographing Katie and Andy’s wedding at the Rainbow Ranch up in Big Sky, MT in July. There’s was an elegantly orchestrated Alice in Wonderland themed event. The tables were decorated with tea cups, playing cards, old books and clocks as well as porcelain rabbits and cats. The bride and groom are both quite creative – entrepreneurs actually – so it’s no surprise their wedding was memorable and as sweet as their decked out candy bar!

Katie’s amazing bouquet was arranged by my friend Julio of Kirkham & Co. and her dress, as well as the tuxes, are from Eskay Bridal in Bozeman. The Bridger Creek Boys played beneath the gazebo and Mindy Bechtell painted the event throughout the evening. Mollie Eckman at the Rainbow Ranch planned the exquisite event. Blue Chamomile styled Katie’s hair and Rachael Long did her makeup.

An old barn on Davis

Ashley Stevick PhotographyArt, Blog, Bozeman, Montana

IMG_7393edit lil

It was just after my last wedding job in Bozeman that I FINALLY stopped to take a few pictures at an old barn on Davis. I drove past almost daily for a good chunk of time last year and always wanted to stop, but never had. Either I didn’t have my camera, or I was nervous the property owner would holler at me!

IMG_7389edit lil

I hesitated as I ran over to the barn preparing to attempt charm and explain myself, but I knew this could very well be the last time I had the opportunity to get the shot I had envisioned for months. Despite my strappy sandals and floor length dress I plunged through the tall grass between the road and property line.

I’m glad to finally have these shots in my portfolio. As my mind wanders, I realize these shots will remind me to be daring. To always take the shot. To do what I’m afraid I *might* get in trouble for.

Made it to Macon!

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I don’t know what time zone my body thinks we’re on right now, but I woke up at 5 this morning. By 630 I decided to get out of bed and grab some shots around the house. When we got into Macon Saturday night it was dark – we didn’t get to look around the yard and neighborhood until yesterday. It’s absolutely charming here, and I suspect my photographer friends back in Bozeman may be a little jealous!

IMG_7675edit lil

IMG_7687edit lil

IMG_7703edit lil

Across the alley from our sprawling back yard is an empty lot. Ivy covers the ground and wraps around the trees – it’s absolutely lovely. There’s a partial brick wall and some steps that are quite aesthetically pleasing too! An old tree has pushed a good chunk of the wall out of place. It’s rubble really. Beautiful, photogenic rubble that has this photographer squealing with delight!

Also, just two lots from our house, Historic Macon established a Neighborhood Tree Nursery. So essentially there’s a park on the same block as our house!

I’m going to build an extensive garden in our back yard, intending it to be a source of food and loveliness for us, as well as a potential location for photos. I look forward to planning our garden, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the pre-existing backdrops right outside our door!

Stevick & Stevick in Missouri!

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We’re about to leave Missouri after a much-needed break in Springfield. My lovely niece Becca (who is also a photographer!) needed some images for her portfolio, so we took some quick pictures near the swanky Hotel Vandivort. It was super awesome to spend some time with her, and it was fun to pull out my camera on our trip! A related observation: Stevick women are damn photogenic!

IMG_7646edit lil

IMG_7537edit lil

IMG_7656edit 2 lil

I <3 Great Harvest

Ashley Stevick PhotographyBlog, Commercial, Montana

Last week I drove to Dillon to photograph a plethora of sugar cookies, gouda stout bread, soda bread and more! I love working with Great Harvest Franchising! For the last two and a half years, their art director, the talented and lovely Kaylee Zito, is the closest I’ve had to an actual co-worker. I might be a little sentimental about that considering I’m moving to a new state without any professional connections at all. (Eeek!) Either way, their food is awesome and if you don’t already frequent your local store you should. Also, the pictures Kaylee and I construct end up as posters and web materials for stores across the country. So I may actually wander into a store in Atlanta and see one of my pictures hanging on the wall!

IMG_5748edit lil

IMG_5959edit lil

This time last year, I travelled around Montana’s Golden Triangle with their executive chef, meeting farmers and photographing their fields. Grain from different farms in the Golden Triangle is mixed together to make the perfect blend and is shipped all over the country to Great Harvest stores to make the bread and cookies y’all love! Check out their chef’s blog post to read more about where your food comes from and the Montana families that make it possible! There’s also a great shot of me on top of a combine! Cause I did that and stuff.

Photos in the rain!

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I recently had a photo shoot with probably the coolest little family in the world. I’m serious! Saisha contacted me and we managed to get the shoot scheduled before my imminent departure. She told me she had used a rather inexpensive photographer last time around and definitely got what they paid for; this time they found someone who’s work they really loved (yay!) and decided to make the investment. She told me she loved bright, vibrant colors and wanted more or an urban backdrop than mountains, so I found a lovely bed and breakfast across from a worn metal building.

IMG_3564edit lil

IMG_3454edit lil

IMG_3777edit lil

The day of our shoot it was cloudy – which is actually great lighting for an outdoor shoot. But then, as I drove over the hill to Bozeman, it started to pour! I remembered the umbrella I kept in my trunk and hoped they’d be up for playing in the rain. I got the impression from our previous discussions they’d be up for anything – but you never know!

They were such a blast to work with – and their willingness to go along with my rainy day photo ideas made for some awesome shots! Not to mention their bright, springy clothing was a great contrast to the gloom and rain. This experience makes me seriously consider only photographing people who are chill enough to rock a rainy day photo shoot!!

Leaving Livingston

Ashley Stevick PhotographyBlog, Livingston, Montana

My teapot has whistled and the last of the coffee beans are brewing in my French press. This is the last cup of coffee I’ll have in this little house in Livingston. These important instruments, once cooled and cleaned, will go straight in a box, along with a couple bags of Montana beans, marked ‘open first.’ Because coffee is important.

IMG_4409 lil

Today we finish packing in Livingston and move into a hotel in Bozeman for a week. Next Monday we begin our drive across the country. The following Monday we arrive in Macon, Georgia.

IMG_4482 lil

As I sit here in my favorite green chair, among boxes and bags, I realize it hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m leaving! Of course I’ll be back. It’s Montana after all – no one ever leaves for good. When I come back to visit friends I’ll coordinate with clients, and when I return to photograph a wedding I’ll certainly stick around to see everyone. For now, I say farewell to Livingston in preparation for a great adventure.

Marriage = Marriage

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I, for one, am so flippin’ glad we no longer need to specify straight or gay marriage! Marriage between two people is simply that: marriage. That being said, some of the most poignant marriages I’ve witnessed have been gay and lesbian ceremonies. I spent a good chunk of time protesting anti-gay legislation and advocating for equal rights in the last seven years or so. While all marriage comes with lovely intention, there will always be something special about photographing gay and lesbian weddings for me. Perhaps there’s a certain inherent bond between all of us who knew ourselves to be on the right side of history. We banded together against unfair and discriminating laws and now we, after years of effort, have won marriage equality!

SP Portland Wedding

state rainbow heart

I’m grateful to the states that shot down discriminatory bans and pushed equality before our federal government got involved. Georgia, the state I’m moving to in a few weeks, wasn’t one of those states. I’m interested to see how marriage equality plays out in my new home as it’s important to me to live among open minded individuals within a loving community.

Here’s to lots of love and marriage in Georgia! Cheers!